OSLA is a public trust of the
State of Oklahoma established in 1972.

The Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA) was established on August 2, 1972, making it one of the earliest student loan organizations in the United States. OSLA is a public trust governed by a board of trustees. We are a loan servicer working under the trade name "OSLA Student Loan Servicing™".

OSLA receives no appropriated funds from the State of Oklahoma for our operating expenses. All expenses are paid from revenues derived from trust operations in the administration of our various loan programs.

Bonds and notes are issued by OSLA to finance our loan activities. The debts are not general obligations but are limited revenue obligations, payable solely from the assets of the trust estates created for particular financings by various bond resolutions.

Board of Trustees

OSLA is governed by five trustees, who are appointed by the governor and subject to the consent of the State Senate for overlapping five-year terms.

OSLA Board of Trustees

Patrick Rooney

First Bancorp of Oklahoma, Inc
Oklahoma City, OK
Lee Symcox
Vice Chairman

President & CEO
First Fidelity Bank
Oklahoma City, OK
Jane F. Haskin, CPA

Banking Consultant
Oklahoma City, OK
Armando J. Rosell

Rosell Law Group
Oklahoma City, OK

The trustees may be contacted by electronic mail or by phone:
Email: oslaboard@osla.org | Phone: (405) 815-4180