Simplify with EZ Pay™

You're on the go all the time. You've got the money in your account, but you just can't remember to send the check. OSLA EZ Pay™ offers a secure and hassle free way to make your student loan payments.

Are You Eligible?
  • You have an OSLA serviced loan and are in repayment,
  • You are current on all loan payments, and
  • You have more than six payments remaining

If you answered YES to all the above, congratulations. You are eligible to benefit from the EZ Pay program.
EZ Pay benefit is subject to change.

How Do I Sign Up?
The fastest way to sign up is online in Account Access at Account Access or follow the steps below.
These forms require
Adobe Reader

Three Steps to Sign Up:

Step 1: Directions
Review the terms and simply complete the EZ Pay Authorization Form and return it with a voided check or deposit slip.

Step 2: Program Guidelines
Upon submitting your EZ Pay Authorization Form, you will receive a letter from OSLA stating when your initial debit will begin. The initial debit will state 10-14 days from the date your authorization is processed. You are responsible for all payments prior to this date. If you are not eligible, you will receieve a denial letter from OSLA with an explanation. Borrowers whose loans are more than 90 days delinquent are not eligible to apply for EZ Pay. As of 4-1-11 there is no interest rate reduction for participating in EZ Pay.

Payment Dates
You have the option of selecting your loan payment date any day from the first to the 28th of each month. Your account will be debited for the amount on the date you requested. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be debited on the next business day. You will never be debited early.

Fund Availability
Funds must be in your account for payment to occur. If your payment is returned for any reason, you will receive a letter informing you to send a replacement payment. Three returned payments result in permanent termination of your EZ Pay agreement and you may not reapply.

Deferment or Forbearance
If you are granted a Deferment other than a School Deferment, and you would like to remain on EZ Pay, you must notify OSLA. If you are granted a Forbearance while on EZ Pay, your EZ Pay agreement will be terminated.

Additional Payments
You may make additional payments on your student loan while on EZ Pay by mailing a check indicating the account number of the borrower to OSLA; over the phone; or online through the Pay Now option in Account Access. Your monthly payment will still be debited from your account on the normal payment date.

Interest Rates
Variable rate student loans have an annual interest rate reset. The interest rate reset could result in an increase in your monthly loan payments. Your EZ Pay amount will be automatically adjusted for any payment increases due to a change in interest.

You may cancel your EZ Pay payments upon written notification to OSLA or online in Account Access. A minimum of 10 days notification prior to the payment due date is required to allow for processing. You may reapply for EZ Pay at a future date; however, you will forfeit the interest rate reduction you may currently be receiving.

Step 3: Form
Fill out the EZ Pay Authorization Form

All completed and signed forms can be mailed or faxed  to OSLA.